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Customized Intuitive Nutrition Programs

Do you have weight to lose? Are you addicted to sugar or carbs? Want better skin and mood? Do you want to get healthier and feel better? 

If you answered YES to any of these, then it's time! Your program will be customized to your current health and goals. I will provide you with a program that works for YOU and that is realistic as well as sustainable for life!

Some folks are not sure where to even start. For those, I offer a free discovery call to go over your goals and discuss if it's a fit to work together!



One-on-One Programs

During this time of the COVID-19 pandamic, I am offering a free coaching session at no cost to my clients. 

If clients wish to continue I am offering reduced package pricing multiple sessions.

Please schedule for free here, or please call or email for more info.

Each program is a completely customized experience with me as your personal nutrition coach.




  • Two scheduled sessions each month of your program. Sessions are available via Facetime, phone, secure chat platform, or in-person if local. Typically sessions are scheduled two weeks apart.

  • I will provide customized macros to help guide you towards your goals. I will adjust them as you progress when needed.

  • You will be asked to download a wellness app to track your progress and to log each of your meals. I will check your entries daily, hold you accountable, and provide feedback as needed.

  • Giveaway Opportunities

  • Unlimited text & email support

  • Education on Sugar Replacements

  • Recipes

  • Private Facebook Support Group Access (coming soon)

  • Custom handouts and session notes available via the client portal

​*I specialize in the Low Carb High Healthy Fat lifestyle, however, I am trained to assist with a variety of other diets. I believe that no dietary lifestyle is a one size fits all. However, eating less processed simple carbohydrates and sugar is beneficial for all.


A bit more info...

So, you’ve always wanted to get healthy, but need a little help getting started and staying motivated? I can help by guiding you through each step. Together, we can:


-Create a plan. Once we outline your goals, a plan can be made to reach them.

-Discover the best you. What motivates you to reach your goals?

-Find food problems. What causes them and how do we find a solution that you can stick with?

-Determine what works. What makes you feel good, what makes you feel bad, and incorporate that into your daily life.

-Reset. Out with the old, (unhealthy food and habits) and in with the new (healthy living).



Initial Consultation: Apply for the program today. If accepted into the program, we will then schedule your first program session. Sessions will be conducted via FaceTime, phone call, secure chat, or in person if local.


Assessing & Planning: I will assess the application and food diary and create a plan to work with your lifestyle by first addressing your concerns, desires, and goals. The objective is to build a plan with healthy lifestyle habits that you can stick to.


First Session: During our first session I will show you the top three diet/lifestyle changes that I believe could make the most meaningful improvements for you for the first week. We will thoroughly go through them step by step, so you have a solid plan to follow. A small start can help you to not become overwhelmed. We will also discuss what kind of future sessions you need to hit your goals.


Continuing: We will continue to meet twice a month or weekly and improve on what was worked on during the prior week. We will chart progress and make changes when needed. You will be given everything you need to succeed, including meal planning ideas, recipes, and information to refer to. 


Goal Attainment: At the end of your sessions, we will discuss your progress and go over any questions you have so you feel comfortable with being able to maintain the goals you’ve hit. You are always welcome to schedule 20-minute appointments for a “checkup” if you find you have questions or just want to check in and get a quick assessment of your continued progress.

Client Testimonials

Before I worked with Sylvia my weight was at a record all time high. Through her patient guidance, knowledge, and practical tools, I lost 19 pounds and 19 inches! I loved that she was available to me any time via text (most often when I was at the grocery store lol)! When I hit a slump and couldn’t seem to budge the scales, Syl worked with me to figure out the exact combination needed to move that number down - and down and down. Best of all, my health has taken a turn for the better as we’ve worked together to adjust necessary vitamins and minerals. No stone is left unturned with her help - I highly recommend Sylvia for your Keto coaching needs!

- Ruthie, Business Owner

— Kaitlyn, Student

"I've had chronic gastritis and a hiatal hernia for about 20 years, I would get gastritis after every meal 2-3 times a day and I would have to take anti-acids in order to eat anything.


After seeing the success Syl Christensen had doing #keto I was motivated to give it a shot and reached out to her, she helped me change my eating habits and start tracking what I eat.


I also started doing 7 mins of HIT training using the J&J 7 Minute Workout app and running 30 mins on a treadmill daily.


This is the result so far, down 20lbs and 2 pant sizes. I now weight 180lbs and I'm a size 34 I never get gastritis after eating and I feel energized all day.


Thanks to my wife for putting up with this diet and cooking for me and Syl Christensen for inspiring me."

- Ben, Sr. Developer

"Syl Christensen has such knowledge and helpful tips for a healthy life style. She has been coaching my husband and I this past year and we have both seen dramatic improvement in our weight, energy level, and overall awareness of food choices with her advice and knowledge guiding us. I highly recommend her for your health & wellness coach!"

- Sara, Teacher

"I have dropped, AND KEPT OFF, 37 pounds. Sylvia sharing her thoughts, knowledge and guidance have helped me with a struggle of my entire adult life. What she shared with me made sense and helped me adapt my normal diet into a life change that will allow me to live healthy and with more energy. I could not recommend her higher. Change your life today by using her expertise."

-Phil, Realtor

"Syl is my wife so I am a little bias, but with her knowledge, motivation and help I have lost 11% of my body weight and feel better than I have in years. I used to take a 5 hour energy every afternoon to get me through the day, no longer. My knee pain, gone. I used to joke that I was still in puberty because of acne, gone. What she has taught me about food has changed my life. The food system in America is set up to make you fail. Syl can guide you through the maze, you will be glad you did it."

-Mark, VP of Enterprise Services

— Kaitlyn, Student

"I have nothing but good things to say about Syl. She is a positive, motivating, walking breathing inspiration! Syl helped me with one on one coaching and devising a personalized meal plan made just for me to help me reach my goals of weight loss and over all health. She is not only overwhelmingly knowledgeable in health and wellness but she is an all around positive and motivating force that makes you want to give it your all. The best part is she is open and candid with you, just like a best friend- she really puts her all into helping you out because she CARES and is genuinely invested and passionate about helping others reach their health goals. Invest in Syl and you invest in your best self!"

- Katy, Student

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