A Customized Program To Kick Sugar To The Curb

Clearer Skin. Weight loss. Better mood. Internal healing. Doesn’t that all sound fantastic? It’s all realistic and sustainable!


Right now, as a special for new clients, I am offering a free customized “Broke Up With Sugar” program with a purchase of any health and wellness coaching package. It includes no gimmicks and no purchase of products is necessary. This is a completely holistic program that will get you feeling better all on your own, with my guidance. I’ll also be there to hold you accountable all along the way.




  • Meal planning & prepping ideas

  • Sugar alternative options

  • Education on the process 

  • Accountability sessions

  • Free amazing cookbook

  • Meal Diary monitoring

  • Access to private Facebook Support Group

  • Direct access to a certified Health & Wellness coach, Syl Christensen, via text & email


$450.00 Value; Now FREE









I #BrokeUpWithSugar
so can YOU

This is a limited-time offer that’s added to the purchase of any health and wellness coaching package. I even have a gift for you once you complete the challenge! Yay! Because let's face it, this is a big accomplishment for anyone. It surely was for me! 


Ready to get started? Book your first session for free to discuss your custom program!


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*No diet is made for everyone. However, EVERYONE can benefit from less sugar. With that being said, IF the ketogenic diet is of interest to you, this is a fantastic kick start. Again, keto is not for everyone, but it has incredible health benefits for most folks.

While you're in the program, be sure to post pictures of your successes on social media using the hashtag, #brokeupwithsugar 

We want to celebrate you, and you never know what you may win if you do!

Client Testimonials

"I've had chronic gastritis and a hiatal hernia for about 20 years, I would get gastritis after every meal 2-3 times a day and I would have to take anti-acids in order to eat anything.


After seeing the success Syl Christensen had doing #keto I was motivated to give it a shot and reached out to her, she helped me change my eating habits and start tracking what I eat.


I also started doing 7 mins of HIT training using the J&J 7 Minute Workout app and running 30 mins on a treadmill daily.


This is the result so far, down 20lbs and 2 pant sizes. I now weight 180lbs and I'm a size 34 I never get gastritis after eating and I feel energized all day.


Thanks to my wife for putting up with this diet and cooking for me and Syl Christensen for inspiring me."

— Ben, Developer

"I have nothing but good things to say about Syl. She is a positive, motivating, walking breathing inspiration! Syl helped me with one on one coaching and devising a personalized meal plan made just for me to help me reach my goals of weight loss and over all health. She is not only overwhelmingly knowledgeable in health and wellness but she is an all around positive and motivating force that makes you want to give it your all. The best part is she is open and candid with you, just like a best friend- she really puts her all into helping you out because she CARES and is genuinely invested and passionate about helping others reach their health goals. Invest in Syl and you invest in your best self!"

— Katy, Student

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